Cupid’s Arrow Slots

Cupids-ArrowCupid’s Arrow is the kind of game that gets played heavily at least once per year, with the kind of theme that gets people when they’re trying to get in the mood for some kind of holiday. I’m talking about Valentines Day in this case, the slot being very heavy on the pink and on gifts that a girl might receive, from teddy bears, to diamond rings, chocolates or red roses. The designer behind it is Wager Gaming, and the theme they chose for this game is quite a popular one, and I have to say it’s quite pretty to look at as well, despite the heavy use of the color pink.

In order to get the slot’s $100,000 jackpot, you have to place your bets on 20 lines, all of them placed on 5 reels. As for the features you get from it, they consist in free games, scatters, multipliers, bonus games and wilds.

Features of Cupid’s Arrow

One of the strengths of this game would be its list of features, starting with the bonus game, the scatter symbol with its free spins and the wild symbol. Add to that some multipliers which can triple the prizes, and you get the idea.

To start with, we have the wild symbol, represented by Cupid himself, as he’s preparing to shoot an arrow at an unsuspecting future couple. Since it acts as a wild, you will get from it help with the formation of other combinations, whenever its appearance is on a payline that needs just one other symbol in order to offer a prize and form a combo. The wild is useful only when it comes to replacing regular symbols, and it will double their prizes whenever it does that. What you will love most about this wild though will be its ability to offer prizes on its own, with 10,000 coins available when you form a combo of five symbols. Even four wilds get you a very good prize, of 2,500 coins.


The scatter symbol is well known for its ability to appear in random positions and offer both cash prizes and access to the free spins. This is the way it works in this game as well, and the best part about it would be its top cash prizes, not the free spins (though they’re quite good as well). You can win up to 500 times the wager you’ve made (10,000 coins), if you get the five scatters to appear at the same time on the 5 reels.

Free Games Feature

The scattered Gift Box is the one that acts as the scatter symbol and it’s also the one that gets to start up the free spins. You can activate a round of 15 spins when you have 3+ symbols, and you get a 3x multiplier as well for them.

Bonus Game

The bonus symbol is not as common in Wager Gaming titles as the wild or the scatter, so I’m glad to see it used here. The Bonus Heart icon is reserved for the reels 2 and 4, and you will need it to appear on both of them in order to get the bonus game. They also have to be on the same payline, and if you get multiple lines going through them then you get a multiplier for the prizes awarded by it.

Betting options and jackpots

The game uses a single coin per line activated, so you end up with a maximum of 20 coins when all of them are used. Each coin has a denomination that starts at $0.01 and goes to $10. Combine both options, at their maximum setting, and you end up with $200 bets.

Payout wise the game does very well, offering 10,000 coins to players that get either five wilds on a line, or five scatter symbols in random positions. The scatters do need the wager to be on all 20 lines in order to give you that amount. As for the cash value, with $10 coins used, it reaches $100,000.

Design and symbols

As I’ve mentioned, the game makes heavy use of the color pink, but it’s not just one solid color. They use various shades of it, from very light ones to darker areas which almost go into red territory. It’s a gorgeous title, with the symbols also being based quite heavy on red and pink. It doesn’t get monotonous though, and that’s what matters. The symbols are very well done, and they mostly represent various types of gifts that a guy might give his chosen valentine.

Symbols: Cupid (10,000 coins, wild), Gift Box (500x the wager, scatter), Bonus Heart (bonus), Roses (1,000 coins), Kiss (1,000 coins), Chocolate Box (300 coins), Valentine Card (300 coins), Rose Petals (300 coins), Couple (300 coins), Diamond Ring (125 coins), Calendar Date (125 coins), Teddy Bear (100 coins) and Love Heart (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, especially for its prizes and the complete feature list, but if you’re allergic to heavy amounts of pink you might want to stay away. It’s the kind of game that works out best along February 14th, or when you’re in love.

Cupid’s Arrow can be found at any Wager Gaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.