Dragon Master Slots

Dragon-MasterDragon Master comes from Wager Gaming, and it seems to be a slot machine with a typical dragon theme, complete with a dragon slayer which is used as a main character. The game looks medieval, and the dragon theme is quite strong here, the action being placed in a land that looks devastated by the creature, with fire skies above and with a dark and desolated land below.

With 25 lines available on 5 reels, Dragon Master gives you plenty of chances to win its $40,000 jackpot, or to have wild or scatter symbols helping you out. You also get free spins once in a while, and they do come with multipliers for all their prizes.

Features of Dragon Master

Wager Gaming doesn’t generally go for innovations, so the features you will discover inside are the ones you will find everywhere else as well, the main symbol being the wild, followed by the scatter. Both free spins and multipliers are attached to these symbols.

First of all, we have Dragon Slayer, a Medieval knight in full armor, with a horned metal helmet and which is pointing at the player for some reason. He’s the hero of the game, and not just because Wager Gaming says so. He awards the game’s biggest prize and at the same time it acts as a wild symbol. A x2 multiplier is used by the wild for the prizes that get awarded thanks to its actions, so you win twice as much when a combo includes the Dragon Slayer among its symbols. When it manages to get multiple wilds together, it gives away its own payouts instead, going as high as 4,000 coins.


There is a bit of a fantasy element as well, in the scatter symbol, in case the dragon wasn’t enough to hint at it. It’s a green Orb, including a gloved hand that’s holding it. It is the only scatter symbol that the game has and it gives away a prize whenever you have a minimum of two on the reels. What’s great about a scatter is that its presence is not required on a certain line, the symbols awarding their prizes from any random locations they might be in. Up to 100 times the bet is given by the game when up to five scattered Orbs are in place.

Free Games Feature

The scattered Orbs are useful in more ways than one. You win 10 free spins when 3+ Orbs are on the reels, to which you can also add the x2 multiplier which doubles every single prize you get while they’re in use.

Some symbols will turn into Dragon Slayer wilds for the duration of these free spins, so the chances of getting the jackpot or a higher prize than normal are good during these rounds. You also get to retrigger free spins, as long as the requirements are met once again.

Betting options and jackpots

You will be allowed to bet $250 when every single option is maxed out, with all 25 coins used and their denomination being set to $10. The option is there to use fewer coins though, and their denomination can be lower as well, the minimum being $0.01.

4,000 coins, or $40,000, might sound like a great deal, but Wager Gaming often offers a lot more in its games, so this is actually one of the things that’s not so great about it.

Design and symbols

With a land that seems devastated by the fire breathing powers of the dragon, this game isn’t the most appealing slot machine you will ever see, but then again not all players are looking for something pretty to look at. Dragon Master has its share of fantasy/medieval symbols on the reels, but there are only a few of them, since the playing cards are more common among the symbols.

Symbols: Dragon Slayer (wild, 4,000 coins), Orb (100x the wager, scatter), Treasure Chest (1,000 coins), Dragon (250 coins), Mace (200 coins), Scroll (200 coins), Ace/King (150 coins), Queen/Jack (100 coins) and 10/9 (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

If the fantasy element works for you, the game should be an OK choice. It doesn’t manage to impress with anything it has to offer though, so there is no doubt that you will find much better games out there.

The Dragon Master slot machine is offered through the Wager Gaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.