English Harbour Slots

English-HarbourThose that give English Harbour a chance might not find a very modern title, with the kind of graphics that a recent slot machine might be able to offer, but they do get a layout with five reels and a low number of paylines. It feels like the kind of game that would be perfect for someone that is a fan of classic games normally, but which wants to slowly make the move to the five reel titles. The theme is related to the ocean and the vessels which traverse it, from the initial caravels that found America, to the cruise ships of recent times.

This is a game which has 5 reels and a maximum of 5 active win lines. There are no major features inside, so it’s going to be a pretty boring experience, but at least you can fight for your chance to get that $100,000 top jackpot.

Features of English Harbour

The thing I’m least happy about in English Harbour is the fact that it lacks any features whatsoever. You’re not going to get wild symbols inside, nor bonus features or free spins. You do get paid handsomely by the top jackpot symbol, but there are few paylines in the game, so you have to be really lucky to get the right combo formed and with all the matching symbols in the five positions available.

Betting options and jackpots

One to five coins are going to be part of any wager, the number deciding basically how many paylines will be active that round. The way to modify the line bet is by changing the coin value, which starts at $0.01 and can go up to $10. A bet which is placed with 5 coins and which activates all the lines, can go as high as $50.

The slot’s best symbols will offer a 10,000x return on your line bet investment, which would mean up to $100,000 in this game. It’s a good prize, but with only 5 lines on 5 reels the odds are not that great, so I wouldn’t have minded even better payouts.

Design and symbols

The design is boring enough if you just look at the reels and the symbols which appear on them, but it gets better in the paytable area, where you actually get to take a look at that English harbour, with various sail ships at anchor in it. The game area has a simple image of water in the background, with the five reels holding only five lines and having images that are simpler than I would’ve liked. Many of them look like they’re drawn by hand.


Symbols: English Harbour Logo (10,000 coins), Sea Plane (5,000 coins), Marlin (2,500 coins), Star (1,500 coins), Sun (1,000 coins), Royal Sign (500 coins), Map (400 coins), Sail Ship (200 coins) and Cruise Ship (100 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

That top prize of 10,000x might make it worth your time and money, but there are plenty of games out there that give away that kind of prize and also manage to include features and more paylines.

English Harbour can be found at any WGS casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.