Farming Futures Slots

Farming-FuturesFarming Futures is not a typical slot machine at all, and you will find that both its layout and its theme are highly unusual. The latter brings you a farming and financial combination, though you mostly see the farming part, in the form of various farm animals and the farmer of course. The game has a high number of reels, not quite enough paylines and few features, so it’s far from a perfect title, but it’s unusual enough to at least warrant a look. Let’s see if it’s worth pursuing in the long run though.

The game is unusual in more ways than one, with 7 reels hosting only 9 paylines and with no features whatsoever inside. There is a $25,000 jackpot on the line.

Features of Farming Futures

The game is very simple when it comes to features, even though it’s also quite different from the titles you might be used to. There are no wild symbols, scatter or multipliers here, nor are there any other features.

What makes this game special is the use of 7 reels and a limited number of symbols, only six of them appearing on the reels. They pay when you have a minimum of three matching symbols on the payline, with the best payouts being offered when you have seven of them together.

Betting options and jackpots

The 9 lines of Farming Futures accept one coin each when the bet is formed, but you’re in control of both the number of coins and their individual value (whose range is $0.01 to $10). Bets of up to $90 are possible when everything is maxed out.

With seven Farmer symbols on one of the 9 active lines, you can win 2,500 coins, or $25,000.

Design and symbols

Given that this design incorporates 7 reels, it’s unusual from the get go, but I can’t say it’s good looking as well. It’s a dated look, with low quality drawings of various animals or the farmer on the reels. The reels are quite wide, understandable since they have to accommodate 7 columns. Behind them, the background picture is simply of a red fence made out of wood. I would definitely not play this game for its design alone.

Symbols: Farmer (2,500 coins), Horse (1,000 coins), Duck (500 coins), Cow (100 coins), Ram (75 coins) and Pig (50 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a most unusual game, even without bringing along any features. Its 7 reels make sure of that, especially since you need up to 7 symbols on a line to get the better prizes. It doesn’t look that great though, which is a missed opportunity as far as I’m concerned.

Farming Futures can be found at any Wager Gaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.