Funky Chicken Slots

Funky-ChickenFunky Chicken is your typical farming themed slot machine, but with a twist. It’s the kind of game that goes for the humorous angle, the main character being a funky looking chicken. The cartoon like characters that appear in the game, along with the various farming related items, will put you in the right mood. You will not find this to be a modern looking game, but it’s got the kind of caricature like design that should be enjoyable.

Despite its rather unusual theme, Funky Chicken is a standard slot machine, one which has 5 reels and 25 lines on them. It does OK feature wise though, with its wild and scatter symbols being part of the list, along with a round of free spins and some multipliers. A $50,000 top payout is advertised in the game, and you can win that much as long as your wager is high enough when you win the 5,000 coins of the jackpot.

Features of Funky Chicken

As the main features, Funky Chicken includes the wild symbol and the scatter, both of them with additional roles to play. While the former awards the top jackpot, the latter gives you the free spins round.

The Cornfield symbol has a scarecrow on it, so you will find it easy to spot it when it makes an appearance. As the wild feature, the Cornfield contributes to the creation of new combinations, acting as the Joker and substituting for another symbol that is needed in the exact right place where the wild is located. Certain things have to come together well in order for the wild to do its magic, and it doesn’t always happen that way, but often enough you will get paid thanks to it. The wild symbol also creates its own win lines, with a minimum of two Cornfields being required for that to happen. The maximum of five gets you the 5,000x top jackpot.


The second feature on the paytable is the scatter symbol. The Chicken is the one chosen to represent it, and the feature gets its name from its ability to give away various types of prizes from random locations on the reels. The only thing that matters in this case is the total number of symbols that are present, with higher numbers bringing you bigger prizes. The biggest ones reach 100x the bet, while the minimum is 2x and it’s offered for just two scattered Chickens.

Free Games Feature

You get cash prizes from the scattered Chicken when 2+ symbols are present, but for the free spins you need a minimum of 3. In exchange, you get 15 free spins and a random multiplier which is revealed by the Chicken character at the beginning of the feature. You can get the free spins to retrigger, and their payouts will benefit from the same original multiplier.

Betting options and jackpots

Players that try this game out have two wager components to decide on, the number of coins/active lines and the denomination of each coin. The first decision regards the number of active lines, which is 25 at maximum, and which also decides how many coins should be used (1 coin usable per line only). With denominations going from $0.01 to $10, the bets reach a top value of $250.

You can take home 5,000 coins when the game puts five wild symbols on the same payline, meaning that the cash value reaches $50,000 when the denomination is set to $10.

Design and symbols

The creators of Funky Chicken have gone for the comic angle here, so the main characters are all fun to look at and they might just put a smile on your face. They’re not impressive though, the design is far from being good enough to be called that, and I’d put it more in the caricature category than anything else. The theme being related to farming, the symbols that are themed give you things like scarecrows, farmers, eggs and tractors.

Symbols: Cornfield (wild, 5,000 coins), Chicken (100x the bet, scatter), Farmer (1,250 coins), House (500 coins), Tractor (250 coins), Egg (250 coins), Ace/King (150 coins), Queen/Jack (125 coins) and 10 or 9 (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game’s features are decent, it has a funny look and good payouts, so all things considered it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. It’s not going to keep you playing in the long run, but it could be fun for a while.

You will find Funky Chicken at any online casino which chooses to use software from Wager Gaming, playable either for free or for real money.