Harbour Master Slots

Harbour-MasterHarbour Master appears to be a classic variant for the English Harbour slot machine. They’re both titles released by WGS, and they both have the same lack of features. This very simple game is themed around sail ships that are part of a harbour in England and you can see it in the background. It’s a charming location that you get to see there, but it doesn’t translate into a great looking slot machine, mostly because of the low quality of the symbols and the simple three reels.

If you give this game a chance, you will have to use bets which cover a single line with up to 5 coins, but you will not be offered any kind of features on the 3 reels of this slot machine. There will be payouts of up to $15,000 to go after.

Features of Harbour Master

Just like its modern counterpart, Harbour Master has no real features to give you. The slot lacks the usual wilds or bonus symbols that classic games will sometimes offer. The only symbol which is different is the one with the Clock, which will pay no matter where it appears with one symbol. I guess that could be considered a scatter of sorts.

Betting options and jackpots

With a single payline that you can bet on, you are nonetheless allowed to use up to 5 coins on it. These coins get denominations between $0.01 and $10, and you’re the one to pick the exact value. You can use bets of up to $50 each round.

Should you win the big prize, which offers 1,500 coins in exchange for a 5 coin wager, you would get up to $15,000 cash from it.

Design and symbols

You will not encounter modern graphics in this slot machine. The harbour that is mentioned in the title is visible in the background, a place filled with sail ships, the kind that rich people might use to travel across the oceans. We’re not talking about medieval sail ships here, so it looks more like a millionaire resort than a regular port. Various charming houses are placed right next to the harbour. Most of the bottom part of the screen is occupied by this image and by a small logo, while the top half gets the reels and the paytable. I didn’t find it to be an impressive enough game, especially since the symbols are very basic and with few details included in them.

Symbols: Compass Coin (1,500 coins), Cruise Ship (500 coins), Binoculars (125 coins), Sail ship (25 coins) and Pocket Watch (10 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

There are plenty of options out there with better graphics and similar payouts/lack of features. However, if you enjoy sail ships, there aren’t that many slot machines to sport this theme, so Harbour Master could be an OK choice in that case.

This Harbour Master slot is offered by all online casinos with WGS software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.