Holiday Feast Slots

Holiday-FeastHoliday Feast is a Thanksgiving themed slot machine, with a classic layout but with the kind of design quality that you normally expect from a modern game. I’m not sure if there are other classic titles with a similar theme, I for one don’t know of any, but luckily this one is good enough that you don’t need another one. The designer of the game is Wager Gaming, and they have a large collection of slots that also look good, but if you want to get into the spirit of the holiday you need to go for this one over the others.

A 1 line/3 reel game, Holiday Feast might be a classic, but it’s also full of interesting features, among them being a bonus game, a wild symbol and multipliers of up to 4x. As for the big prize, it’s worth $24,000.

Features of Holiday Feast

The features, while present in Holiday Feast, are not automatically available to all players. Only those that select all three coins in their wagers will get the bonus games and the wilds with multipliers.

The Hat that was common among the pilgrims that made that first voyage is the wild symbol. Whenever you have one or two Hat wilds on the only payline available, you get a chance to form a combination, but you’re not guaranteed one. Since you can get empty spots on the line as well, even with two wilds you’re not automatically going to win a prize. The prizes are worth 2x the usual amount when one wild gets involved, and they go to 4x when two wilds are on the payline.

Bonus Game

The Turkey is going to be the bonus symbol, the one that gets you access to the slot’s only bonus feature. You need a single Turkey symbol to do that, and it has to be on the payline.


The bonus game asks of you to pick from among the turkeys that are shown in the area where the paytable is normally located. You get a prize as a result, and that’s it. It’s a simple enough game, but it works.

Betting options and jackpots

You get three coins in this game, and you can use as many of them as you want. You will want to wager with all three if you’re a fan of features though, as only the 3rd coin can activate the bonus game or the wild symbol. Each coin that is used has a denomination of up to $10, so the maximum bet is worth $30. The minimum amount is at $0.10.

With three coins you get features, but you also get the maximum amount from the top jackpot. There are 2,400 coins offered, with denominations of $10 taking that prize to $24,000.

Design and symbols

Thanks to the Thanksgiving theme, the game has a very Autumn themed design, with lots of orange and red leaves in the background, and with a paytable that uses the same mix of colors. The symbols are well designed, with the usual combination of classic and themed images that are so common in these games.

Symbols: Settler Hat (2,400 coins, wild), Turkey (bonus), Maple Leaf (160 coins), Three Bar (80 coins), Two Bar (50 coins), One Bar (20 coins) and Cake (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, especially when Thanksgiving is near, and you want to get into the spirit of this holiday. It’s a good title the rest of the year as well though, especially with its features and quality graphics.

Holiday Feast can be found at any Wager Gaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.