Island Gold Slots

Island-GoldWith Island Gold, players are getting a game which looks modern at first, with the right number of reels for that, but you will soon notice that the graphics are low quality and that there are few paylines to bet on, which also means fewer chances to get a prize each round. The slot comes from Wager Gaming and the theme is inspired by a tropical island, though it’s hard to figure that out by looking at the graphics.

Not only you don’t get any kind of features from Island Gold, but you also have only 5 paylines on its 5 reels. The one great thing here would be its jackpot, worth $100,000.

Features of Island Gold

The game keeps things simple when it comes to features as well, so that first impression given by the graphics isn’t wrong. It’s the kind of slot machine that has few lines, no features and low quality graphics, and it’s not the only one to be like this, with a number of other similar slot machines also being out there. All you can do here is try to form regular combinations of symbols, you can’t do anything else since there are no features.

Betting options and jackpots

You only get 5 coins to use on the slot’s 5 lines, so the wagers go up to $50 when you choose a denomination of $10. You can reduce that line bet if you want to, the minimum being $0.01.

The slot’s best payout is at 10,000 coins, or $100,000. The second best payout is at 5,000 coins/$50,000, so while the features are missing, at least the prizes tend to be very good.

Design and symbols

The design is one of the things that I find most annoying about this slot machine. While you will find players out there that enjoy the high prizes and low number of paylines, or the lack of features in a 5 reel game, a low quality design is much harder to forgive. Instead of showing a tropical island picture, the background is an abstract purple image, with symbols being rudimentary drawn, though they are all built with the theme in mind.

Symbols: Logo (10,000 coins), Compass (5,000 coins), Cocktail (2,500 coins), Sun (1,500 coins), Moon (1,000 coins), Fruit (500 coins), Shark (400 coins), Palm Tree (200 coins) and Drum (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

There aren’t a lot of things that will recommend this game, since it lacks both the pretty graphics and the features, but the prizes are quite good, and I’m not talking only about the top jackpot here.

The Island Gold slot machine is offered through the Wager Gaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.