Ja Man Slots

Ja-ManJa Man is a Jamaican themed slot machine, the title being inspired by the accent of the locals and the way they would sound. The setting is tropical and gorgeous, on a Jamaican beach where most of us would love to be right now. You’re going to find a charming game once the graphics load up, with cartoon style characters and view which might not always feel realistic, but which work out great in this case.

On the fun filled 5 reels of Ja Man you’re going to discover up to 25 active paylines. Among the symbols there is a scatter and a wild, and their appearance can trigger free spins for the player. The biggest prize available is worth $50,000.

Features of Ja Man

The features that you get from a Wager Gaming slot machine always tend to be the same ones, meaning both a scatter and a wild symbol, accompanied by free spins and some multipliers.

The Man is a Jamaican dude with a beard and braided hair, plus the flag of his country behind him. As the wild symbol, it will appear on all the reels and new combinations will be formed with its assistance, if the need for it is right in the place where it happens to land. The wild doesn’t always manage to help you out, but in a lot of cases you will find that you’re getting a prize which wouldn’t be offered if the wild didn’t get involved.

Second on the list of feature symbols is a scatter, showing you the image of a beach bar. The scatter’s powers come from its ability to show up in random positions in the game, and still being able to give away prizes or triggering free spins. The only requirement for it is to be in a certain number of positions at the same time. The prizes it offers are in a range of 2x to 100x the wager, offered for a minimum of two and a maximum of five scatters.

Free Games Feature

The free spins, which benefit from multipliers along the way, depend on the number of scatters that are present, in order to determine how many of them you get. 15 spins are offered for three scatters, 20 for four and the maximum of 25 requires all five.

Betting options and jackpots

You’re the one that decides how many active lines should be during each spin, plus how much the line bet should be. The line bet actually consists in a single coin, but you can change the denomination from the minimum of just $0.01, to the maximum of $10. The wagers reach a maximum value of $250.

Your wagers decide how much the prizes will be worth, meaning that a 5,000 coins top payout is worth a maximum of $50,000, but only if you’ve used the highest coin denomination available to you.

Design and symbols

The cartoon like design of Ja Man makes it seem like a simple tropical island game at first, but pay a bit of attention to the symbols with characters in them and you will soon figure out its Jamaican descent. It’s a fun game to try out, not really impressive but managing to be worthy of your attention anyway.

Symbols: Man (wild), Hut (scatter, 100x the bet), Girl (5,000 coins), Beach (2,000 coins), Peace Sign Necklace (200 coins), Drum (200 coins), Ace or King (150 coins), Queen or Jack (150 coins) and 10 or 9 (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s the kind of game that will relax you and allow you to enjoy yourself, while hopefully making some good money as well. The Jamaican and tropical beach themes mix in this case, and the result is a game that I for one enjoyed.

You will find Ja Man at any online casino which chooses to use software from Wager Gaming, playable either for free or for real money.