Jungle King Slots

Jungle-KingThe theme approached in Jungle King is a common one, the wildlife of Africa being inspiration for the game. It’s a Wager Gaming slot machine, so in terms of features you already know that you’re getting enough to warrant playing it, but design wise they didn’t do as great in this case. I’m not personally a fan of cartoon like graphics in slot machines which are supposed to show you the beauty of nature or the wildlife that inhabits it.

You get 5 reels in Jungle King and on them there are a maximum of 25 bet lines. Created by Wager Gaming, the slot offers multipliers, scatter symbols, bonus rounds and wilds. A $75,000 top jackpot is also available.

Features of Jungle King

While the slot doesn’t give you the free spins that so many other games from Wager tend to have, it has a bonus game to replace them, plus scatter symbols, multipliers and a wild.

As the wild, you get Big Chief, a character that is as large as the name suggests. He’s wearing African tribal gear, with feathers on his head and a necklace made out of teeth around his neck. The wild symbol substitutes for others and manages to help the player get more payouts in the long run, as often enough he will be able to take the place of another symbol in a new combination that gets formed. When a wild is useful, there can be two outcomes. Either the wild gets you a combo that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, or it adds to an existing combo, taking you to the next prize tier. Unfortunately, you don’t get prizes directly from the wild, and more than that, it’s going to appear only on two reels, 1st and 5th. All prizes that the wild contributes to give you double their usual value.


Second on the list of symbols with additional roles would be the scatter, with a beautiful image of a Waterfall on it. A scatter symbol’s name comes from its ability to trigger its prizes by appearing a certain number of times in scattered positions, the presence on an active line not being required in this case. The Jungle King scatter gets you cash prizes whenever 2 or more Waterfalls are present, the prize range being 1x to 200x what the bet was that round.

Bonus Game

You need the wild to trigger the bonus feature, as it doesn’t have its own dedicated symbol. Big Chief has to be present on the 1st reel and the 5th one at the same time, and that’s all that is needed to get into this feature.

A new screen is shown next, with 9 jungle squares on it and giving you the option to make picks until you get three identical symbols. Each type of symbol that appears here gives you a different payout, shown in the prize table on the same screen.

Betting options and jackpots

Wager Gaming uses their typical betting system, each of the 25 lines accepting a single coin in the bet and with a denomination of up to $10. You end up with bets of up to $250 this way, but the minimum denomination is at $0.01, so you can spend as much as you can afford, it’s not just for high rollers.

The top jackpot, worth 7,500 coins, will put up to $75,000 in your pocket, and that’s a decent amount to win in a game from this developer. You win this amount when the wild gets involved, doubling the normal top payout of 3,750 coins.

Design and symbols

As I’ve said before, a game like this, where nature and wildlife plays such a big role, would’ve benefitted from a design that tries its best to show them off. This cartoon style borders on caricature, so it’s not that attractive to look at. Add to that the use of standard playing card icons, which Wager makes a habit of reusing in every single game, and the game fails to leave a positive first impression.

Symbols: Big Chief (wild), Waterfall (200x the bet, scatter), Tiger (3,750 coins), Monkey (1,500 coins), Flower (500 coins), Butterfly (500 coins), Ace (300 coins), King (300 coins), Queen (200 coins), Jack (200 coins), 10 (100 coins) and 9 (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game has plenty to offer, but it doesn’t do a truly great job in any department. Feature wise, the wild symbol is limited to only two reels and the free spins are missing. The prizes only get to a high level when the wild gets involved, so that’s not a great reason to play it either.

Jungle King can be found at any Wager Gaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.