Malt Shop Memories Slots

Malt-Shop-MemoriesMalt Shop Memories is one of Wager Gaming’s slot machines, a game with a retro inspiration which draws from the period before World War II. The Malt Shop that the title refers to was also known as a Soda Shop. Some of the things that you could find in a Malt Shop back then included chocolate malts, milkshakes, ice cream sodas and fountain colas. They might not be popular anymore, but for anyone interested in those time periods and in the retro design style, Malt Shop Memories should be an interesting choice.

Malt Shop Memories is one of the 3 reel/1 line games that Wager offers, while among its features you will find only a wild symbol and its multiplier. The biggest prize offered is valued at $20,000.

Features of Malt Shop Memories

A single feature was added to the slot’s reels, a wild symbol that brings along with it a multiplier of x2. What this means is that whenever the wild replaces another symbol on the payline, allowing for a new combo to be formed, whatever payout comes out of it will be worth twice as much. A Milkshake symbol is the one that gets to behave like the wild symbol. Now, the wild is not going to guarantee you a prize, but if the other symbols on the only payline of the game are identical, or if one other is a wild, then you have your winning combo. The wild also gives away its own prizes, and they’re the biggest of the game, reaching 2,000 coins (the top jackpot).

Betting options and jackpots

You’re going to get the classic betting system here, which allows players to select 1 to 3 coins to use on the one payline available. You also have the option to change the coin’s value, within the $0.01 to $10 range, ending up with total bets of up to $30.

As for the biggest prize offered, it’s a 2,000 coins payout with a cash value of $20,000. That amount is won when 3 coins are wagered, while 2 coins bring 1,000 coins and 1 coin only brings you 500 coins for the same combo.

Design and symbols

The game uses a mix of real photos and drawings for its game, and it ruins the experience somewhat. A photo with a guy next to a vintage car is on the left, while a blonde girl with retro sunglasses is on the right. In the middle, you get the reels and the paytable, the latter being occupied by drawings of foods, milkshakes and other things that would either belong in that era or would be part of the Malt Shop experience.

Symbols: Milkshake (2,000 coins, wild), Hamburger (300 coins), Red Flag (150 coins), Roller skates (75 coins), Three Bars (30 coins), Two Bars (24 coins), One Bar (12 coins) and Convertible (6 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s worth it for a trip down memory lane, but I found the design to be lacking, mostly because the photos of real people didn’t go so well with the retro cartoon style used everywhere else.

The Malt Shop Memories slot machine is offered through the Wager Gaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.