Mango Mania Slots

Mango-ManiaMango Mania is exactly what it sounds like, a slot machine with a focus on mango fruits, which is something I definitely haven’t seen before. The theme might be mango related, but the design is that of a classic, with the typical 3 reels used and with the mix of classic symbols that so many titles have these days. The game looks better than the classics that other developers tend to put out, but it doesn’t quite manage to rise to the top, not even close.

It’s a game like any other classic, offering 1 line on 3 reels and no features to help you out along the way. The top jackpot is better than the average though, offering $40,000.

Features of Mango Mania

The game’s 3 reels already indicate that there will be either a very limited number of features, or none at all. It’s very rare for a classic slot machine to have more than one or two features, and many of them have none, which is the case for Mango Mania. If you want to force the issue a bit, I guess you could say that the top jackpot symbol also acts as a scatter of sorts, being able to trigger a secondary payout by being in random locations on the reels. The payout for its apparition with all symbols on the same payline is much higher though.

Betting options and jackpots

You’re going to use up to 3 coins when the bets are made, and it’s a good idea to select them all, since the top jackpot is much more valuable that way. Each coin starts from a minimum of just $0.01 and it can go up to $10, so the total bet reaches $30 at its highest.

The use of three coins will result in payouts of up to 4,000 coins when you get the three Mangos on the payline. Cash wise, that means $40,000.

Design and symbols

The Mango being the theme here, you can see it used as the top jackpot symbol, all the others being 7s and Bar icons. The picture in the background is filled with diagonal lines colored in green, orange, yellow and dark red, a pattern which repeats itself over and over again. Other than the background, the main symbol and the logo, everything else is a classic design wise, including the white reels and the paytable with its majority of old style symbols.

Symbols: Mango (4,000 coins), Red 7 (300 coins), Three Bar (150 coins), Two Bar (60 coins) and One Bar (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The above average top jackpot would be the only reason to try it out, or the theme if you have a special affinity for mango fruits. In most ways it’s exactly the same as every other classic slot with no features.

You will find Mango Mania at any online casino which chooses to use software from Wager Gaming, playable either for free or for real money.