Mermaid’s Quest Slots

Mermaids-QuestYou get a modern style game from Mermaid’s Quest, but the actual design doesn’t quite manage to get to the level that a game would be at if it was launched in the last couple of years. The graphics are older in this case, and the same impression of an old title is brought by the presence of a limited number of paylines. It does have all the features you could want though, plus good prizes. The theme focuses on mermaids of course, but there are also a lot of sea creatures, while the beauty of the sea is mostly visible from the background picture.

A somewhat older game, it has 9 lines and 5 reels. A couple of very good features were included in it, among them being a bonus game, a free spins feature with some multipliers, a wild symbol and a scatter. Nothing innovative on the feature list, but there is also a $100,000 top jackpot to make the slot more appealing.

Features of Mermaid’s Quest

Pretty much every feature you could reasonably expect from a modern slot machine is present in Mermaid’s Quest. The wild symbol is just one example, being accompanied by bonus and scatter symbols, the latter triggering free spins that have multipliers for their prizes.

First of all, let’s see about that wild symbol. The image chosen for it is almost a classic by now, showing us a treasure chest with a few gold coins spilling out of it. The way a wild symbol works is simple enough. Whenever it’s on an active payline together with a couple of matching regular symbols, the wild will take the same role as them and will contribute to the formation of a combination and a new prize being won this way. It will only do it for regular symbols though, not doing anything about the bonus or scatter. What you will really love about this particular slot machine is its ability to give away very big prizes when the combinations it forms are only with wilds in them, the highest values being 10,000 times more than the line wager was.


The scatter symbol’s top payouts are even more impressive than the ones given by the wild. Since the scatter symbols don’t form regular combinations on paylines, instead using randomly located symbols, the payouts are not based on the line wager either. They multiply the total bet of that round by 1x to 1000x, depending on how many scattered King Neptune symbols are on the reels.

Free Games Feature

The scatter symbol is already a very generous feature in Mermaid’s Quest, but it doesn’t stop at offering just very big prizes. It will also trigger 10 free spins, whenever a minimum of three King Neptune icons makes appearances during the same round. You win twice more money than usual when combinations form during free spins, though if you retrigger them you will no longer get the x2 multiplier.

Bonus Game

The slot has a bonus game as well, the one responsible for triggering it being the Mermaid. This bonus symbol also needs to appear at least three times, but it can’t just be anywhere. The symbols have to be on any active line in order for the bonus feature to start up.

Betting options and jackpots

While the typical coin denomination is the same as in many other slots, between $0.01 and $10, there are only 9 lines here, so the total bet doesn’t go further than $90.

In exchange, you get a shot at a top prize of 10,000 coins, meaning that you could be winning up to $100,000. The scatter’s 1,000x prize is the second best offer, worth $90,000.

Design and symbols

The best part about the design in Mermaid’s Quest would be the background picture, only partially visible from behind the reels or the paytable. It’s the only one that truly manages to show off the beauty of the sea and the creatures and plants that live at the bottom of the ocean. The symbols don’t do nearly as good a job at it, using a cartoon style for the creatures and characters that appear in them.

Symbols: Treasure Chest (10,000 coins, wild), King Neptune (scatter, 1,000x bet), Mermaid (bonus), Pearl (500 coins), Fish (300 coins), Shell (200 coins), Dolphin (150 coins), Seahorse (150 coins), Starfish (100 coins), Turtle (100 coins), Crab (50 coins) and Lobster (50 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

There are plenty of good reasons to try it out, and it’s mostly due to the payouts that are offered by two of the feature symbols. The regular symbols pay below average though.

You will find Mermaid’s Quest at any online casino which chooses to use software from Wager Gaming, playable either for free or for real money.