Salsa Slots

SalsaSalsa is a Wager Gaming slot machine which gets as a theme a dance that is known and appreciated worldwide, together with a bit of a Mexican theme. The game includes some symbols that seem to find their way into pretty much every game that is themed around Mexico, though dancing related symbols would’ve worked better in this case. Design wise the game is not going to impress, but it does its job adequately.

5 reels and 25 lines, this is what you’re going to find in Salsa, along with its scatter and wild symbols, plus the bonus game and multipliers. It rewards its players with up to $50,000 in prizes.

Features of Salsa

The combination of bonus games, multipliers, wilds and scatters is found often enough in slot machines, so it’s nothing surprising for the player that chooses to try out Salsa.

The main feature symbols are somewhat unusual, since this is supposed to be a Salsa game, using a red and a green bean to represent the wild and the scatter. First of all, we have the Red Bean wild, a symbol that gets to substitute for any other symbol, if that results in a new combination forming up. The only symbol that it can’t replace is the Green Bean scatter. The prizes offered in Salsa by the wild directly reach a value of 5,000x the line bet. As for the combinations that are formed with the assistance of a wild, their prizes are doubled by the x2 multiplier that gets involved in each case.


Second, we have a Green Bean symbol, the scatter feature. Appearing in random positions, without being on consecutive reels or on the same payline, the scatters award prizes based on how many of them are present. The minimum of two Green Beans will get you a prize worth the same as the bet you made that round, while five symbols will activate the biggest prize of 100 times the bet.

Bonus Game

The Green Beans, when scattered in at least three locations, get you the bonus game. You get three rounds in this Salsa feature, and you have to find three symbols that match in order to get the prize offered by that particular image. Each prize mentioned in this bonus game is based on the total value of the wager.

Betting options and jackpots

You’re the one that decides how many coins should be used, but you get as many active lines as there are coins, so your chances of winning depend on them. The other choice regards the denomination of the coins, and that’s also something that influences the bet and the value of the prizes. The coins go from $0.01 to $10, while the lines from 1 to 25. The wagers have a range of $0.01 to $250.

The biggest prize you can hope for is worth $50,000, the equivalent of 5,000 coins.

Design and symbols

The Mexican theme is interesting, though the woman dressed in red gives you the impression that it’s a slot that should be designed around the Salsa dance, not around Mexican cuisine and party habits. I’m not a fan of the drawing style in use here, seems somewhat crude, but it does its job adequately and the end result is a decent slot machine.

Symbols: Red Bean (5,000 coins, wild), Green Bean (100x bet, scatter), Girl (1,000 coins), Mexican Man (500 coins), Donkey (200 coins), Armadillo (200 coins), Sun (150 coins), Tequila Bottle (100 coins), Cucarachas (100 coins), Guitar (100 coins) and Cactus (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It doesn’t manage to stand out, not even among other slots with Mexican inspiration. The Salsa theme might convince some to give it a chance, but it’s not well enough developed, the focus being mostly on the Mexican heritage.

You will find Salsa at any online casino which chooses to use software from Wager Gaming, playable either for free or for real money.