Swept Away Slots

Swept-AwayWGS tried with Swept Away to offer a slot machine with an angle that is different from those that developers usually go for. It’s inspired by a cast away theme, the design showing an image of a small tropical island on which someone arrived in a rubber boat, supposedly after his ship sank at the bottom of the ocean. The game has a mix of elements that would be normal in such a situation, using SOS icons instead of Bars, images of the island and even camp fires. Despite the classic heritage and layout, it’s a pretty decent slot machine.

This game requires only one coin to play on it, but you can use up to three on its only payline. It’s a 3 reel slot machine that offers no real features, though the main symbol pays both as a regular icon and as a scatter. A $40,000 top jackpot is advertised.

Features of Swept Away

What you will quickly learn about this game is that it doesn’t have anything special, with the exception of its theme and design. It will not present you with any major features, though there is that one symbol that can act as a scatter, as well as a regular symbol, offering prizes in both situations. Otherwise, you don’t get the standard features that you might expect, so you don’t have wilds or bonus games inside.

The top jackpot symbol is the one with the Swept Away Logo, which incorporates an image of a small island and the rescue boat. One way to get paid here is by landing three of these Logos on the same payline, which would bring you the jackpot of 4,000 coins. Another would be to simply have three randomly located Logos, in which case the symbols pay as scatters, offering only 1,000 coins.

Betting options and jackpots

In typical classic slot fashion, the bets that one can use in this game will cover one line but will have up to three coins in them. Values of $0.01 to $10 for the coins mean that the bets can be worth up to $30 each round.

With three coins in the bet, the best possible reward is valued at 4,000 coins, or $40,000. It’s a return of 1,333 coins per coin used, while two coins would’ve brought 1,250 coins and one coin would’ve paid 1,000 coins. It’s clearly the best idea to use all three coins in your bets.

Design and symbols

It’s an enjoyable game, taking advantage of the tropical beach theme which comes natural in a slot machine that is about castaways. You have an image of a fine sand beach and of the water when you look at the background image. The reels are at the top, while the reels from the right side are occupied by images that are all related in some way. One example would be the Bar icon, which has SOS written on it in this game.

Symbols: Swept Away Logo (4,000 coins), Fire (300 coins), Three SOS (150 coins), Two SOS (60 coins) and One SOS (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

I’ve enjoyed the theme, especially since I haven’t seen it in other classic slots, but in most ways the game doesn’t manage to stand out.

This Swept Away slot is offered by all online casinos with WGS software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.