What’s Your Sign Slots

Whats-Your-SignWhat’s Your Sign is themed around the twelve signs of the zodiac, so you will find them all among the symbols offered by this game. It was created by Wager Gaming, and it looks like an older design, with the number of lines being smaller than usual, plus the graphics are not that great to look at either.

Though it has 5 reels, the number of lines is not as common, with 12 of them available. Bonus games and wilds are the only two features included, but the payout is not as disappointing, reaching a top value of $100,000.

Features of What’s Your Sign

Only two features were placed in this slot, a bonus game and a wild. First of all, we have the wild symbol, which is represented on the reels by the image of the Sun and the Moon, morphed into a single symbol, half yellow and half light blue. A wild symbol will take the role of any regular symbol, if that kind of substitution is needed in order for a new combination to be formed. You need more than a wild to form a combo though, so the rest of the matching symbols need to be in their places already. The same wild can award its own impressive prizes, and the top jackpot is actually won this way, when five wilds are on one of the active lines.

The second feature is a bonus game, which requires three or more Zodiac Wheel symbols to be present on any payline that is active. The wheel with the 12 Zodiac signs on it spins next, and you choose when to stop it. You get a prize, and you can take it or you can choose to spin the wheel again, hoping for a better payout. Up to two extra attempts are available, after which you’re stuck with the last payout that was offered.

Betting options and jackpots

Like all other slots from Wager Gaming, this one also uses a single coin to activate a payline, and there is no option to have more of them. Instead, you can modify the denomination of the coin, up to $10. The 12 lines, when they’re all active, get a maximum value of $120.

The game does at least one thing right, and that’s the top prize that it awards, which is the equivalent of 10,000 coins or $100,000.

Design and symbols

I’m definitely not a fan of the design, and it has nothing to do with the theme choice. The symbols that were chosen to act as the zodiac signs look like they’re drawings that can be used in coloring books, very basic and with only a few lines forming them in many cases. A star filled background image is placed behind the reels, but the quality isn’t that great in it either.

Symbols: Sun/Moon (wild, 10,000 coins), Wheel (bonus), Aquarius (500 coins), Ares (500 coins), Capricorn (500 coins), Gemini (300 coins), Leo (300 coins), Libra (300 coins), Pisces (200 coins), Sagittarius (200 coins), Scorpio (200 coins), Taurus (100 coins), Virgo (100 coins) and Cancer (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

I wouldn’t go near it thanks to that awful looking design it has, but if looks don’t matter to you as much, it’s at least different from most slots that Wager Gaming puts forward, so it could be a nice diversion.

This What’s Your Sign slot is offered by all online casinos with Wager Gaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.