Win, Place or Show Slots

Win-Place-or-ShowWin, Place or Show is a game that is both a classic and themed around horse racing. It’s an unusual theme for a 3 reel game, and I believe it’s the only one of this kind, or at least I haven’t seen another one with this many reels at any of the other developers. It’s interesting enough, though it doesn’t manage to shake the feeling that it’s a game that was created quite some time ago. The slightly dated graphics still are the best ones you will find with a horse racing theme, so there is not much use complaining.

The best thing about this game isn’t the theme, but the progressive jackpot that can be won inside. You don’t get any features though, as this is a 3 reel game with 1 line, a classic slot machine.

Features of Win, Place or Show

Despite the unusual theme, the game doesn’t try to stand out in any other major way. You will not discover any special features inside, only that one progressive jackpot that might just be enough of a reason to play it. Considering the theme, it could’ve used a nice bonus game.

Betting options and jackpots

It’s a very cheap game to play, so I suggest you go after the progressive jackpot and use three coins at all times. The coins are fixed at $0.50, so with all three coins used you wager $1.50 per spin.

In exchange for a 3 coin wager, you can win the slot’s progressive jackpot, which should be in the five figure range. The second best payout is going to give you 900 coins, or $450.

Design and symbols

You’re going to spot the horse racing connection immediately. There is a jockey on a white horse shown right next to the reels, mentioning the progressive jackpot and the wager requirement for it. The race track is visible behind the reels and paytable, both of them being shown at all times. Some symbols are themed, others are classics, just like in most games in this category.

Symbols: Gold Trophy (progressive jackpot), Horse and jockey (900 coins), Horseshoe (600 coins), Checkered 7 (300 coins), Blue Triple Bar (225 coins), Blue Double Bar (150 coins), Blue Single Bar (30 coins) and Cherries (15 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re a fan of the horse racing theme, you’re not going to find a better classic slot to play. Its progressive jackpot certainly can’t hurt its appeal, plus it’s a cheap game.

Win, Place or Show can be found at any Wager Gaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.