Fire Queen Slots

Fire-QueenFire Queen is one of a number of slot machines with fantasy themes that WMS has offered already, and it’s one of the special ones thanks to one reason, the layout and the way it distributes its 100 paylines. There are two small sets of two reels each, placed next to a big set of three reels, which have six symbols on them each. The layout is the special part, but there are quite a few good looking symbols as well, as the fantasy theme often offers us.

You get an impressive number of paylines in Fire Queen, 100 of them being present on the rather weird looking 5 reels setup. There are free games to be activated, wilds that can appear and give you a helping hand, plus scatters on some of the reels. The prizes are on the low side, but at $800 it’s not that bad if you consider the number of paylines.

Features of Fire Queen

To get access to the features of Fire Queen, you need to land either wild symbols, scatters or get the free spins to activate.

To get some help from the wild, you need to land the symbol with the Fire Queen. It can appear on any of the reels used by the game, and it acts as a substitute for pretty much all the symbols, with the exception of the Fire Globe scatter. You will be pleased to hear that Fire Queen symbols are also capable of forming up combinations, and pay as much as 400 coins when this happens. There is another advantage to these wild symbols, the fact that whenever you get one on a reel column, the wild also transfers to the other reel column, in the same position. You get multiple wilds at the same time this way, with bigger chances of getting a win.

Free Games Feature

The Fire Globe symbol, which is the scatter of the slot, will be the one used to trigger the free spins. This symbol is present only on the three big reels, the ones that the game calls 9, 10 and 11.

To trigger free spins, you need four symbols that match that are either on reels 1 to 4, or 5 to 8, plus the three Fire Globe scatters on the reels 9 to 11. If this happens, you get 100x the total bet as a prize, plus access to 20 free spins. The symbols which were on reels 1-4 or 5-8 and matching will be held for the duration of the free spins, so you have an extra chance of forming your combinations.

Betting options and jackpots

Despite having 100 lines for you to use, the game only asks you to bet 50 coins. One coin for two lines is the way it works, but when prizes are concerned the lines get one coin each and that’s how the payouts are calculated. Each coin has a maximum value of up to $2, bringing the wager up to $100 for all of them.

The game’s 400 coins which are part of the top jackpot can mean a prize of $800, which seems low, but the game makes up for it with lots of smaller wins.

Design and symbols

The part about this game that is themed looks incredible. I’m mostly talking about the Fire Queen, about fire birds, horses, flowers and potions that are part of some of the symbols. They also included a few poker cards, which are a lot less pleasant to watch. The game’s layout is one of the things that is special about it, with the three big reels of six symbols and with the two smaller groups that are in front.


Symbols: Fire Queen (wild, 400 coins), Fire Globe (scatter), Phoenix Bird (300 coins), Horse (150 coins), Flower (125 coins), Potion (125 coins), Ring (100 coins), Red Potion (100 coins), Candle (75 coins), Ace (75 coins), King (50 coins), Queen (50 coins), Jack (50 coins) and 10 (50 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The fantasy theme is one thing that might get you to play it, but another very good reason would be the 100 lines and the way they are arranged, with both small and large reels.

Fire Queen can be found at any WMS casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.