Gem Hunter Slots

Gem-HunterGem Hunter is a game about a couple of people that are digging for diamonds and other gemstones. There is a certain explorer theme to the slot as well, with the two main characters being dressed like jungle explorers, but since the background shows you hundreds of colored gems just lying on the ground, it’s safe to say that the focus remains on the precious stones. The slot was designed by the WMS developers.

One of the WMS slots which has a smaller number of lines, it offers 20 chances to get paid each round, with 5 reels to keep them. You also get respins, free spins, scatters and wilds. The best prize of $15,000 looks quite good, especially for this developer.

Features of Gem Hunter

The slot’s features have the usual wild symbols, along with the scatters, free spins, multipliers and there are even re-spins.

The first symbol you should know about is the one with the wild role. Its image is that of the Gem Hunter Logo. This is one symbol which is the same as in almost every other slot machine. It can appear on all the reels, it can form its own combinations and it can be a regular wild which substitutes for regular symbols only. If it manages to form a combination of its own, you can expect the prizes it offers to reach values of up to 3,000 coins.

The other major symbol of the slot is the Diamond scatter, marked with the word Feature on it. Depending on how many of these you get, you can trigger the Re-Spin feature, or the free spins directly.

Free Games Feature

To trigger the free spins, you need a minimum of three Diamond scatters present on the reels. You will win a bonus feature, where you get to make some picks. You get started with 8 initial free spins, and you can win additional ones from the feature. For each square you choose, a random number of free spins will be offered. All the free spins have 3x multipliers applied to the wins.

While the free spins are in use, if you get a cart filled with gems then you will start a small feature, where you get three bags with gems and you have to choose one. Your choice will bring you a prize between 2x and 20x the total wager.

Re-Spin Feature

This feature is mostly used as a way to give you a second chance at the free spins. It needs two scatter symbols to get triggered, and it will keep the reels which have the symbols in place, while the other three will spin once for free. The hope here is that you will get at least one other scatter from the re-spin, so that you can get access to the free spins feature, which needs at least three.

Betting options and jackpots

A 20 line game, it nonetheless needs 30 coins for the wagers that you place inside. 20 coins are used for the lines, while an extra 10 coins are for the feature bet. Each coin goes up to $5 in value, so you can take the wager up to $150 if you can afford it.

With a bit of luck, 3,000 coins could be yours while playing this slot, with $15,000 being the most you will see in your bank account afterwards.

Design and symbols

The game has a certain jungle explorer theme to it as well, not just the usual gemstones that are lying around.


You get that impression from the two characters which are dressed for an expedition, from symbols like the compass or the pickaxe. Most of the symbols will be related to the gem theme though, from the diamonds, the mining carts or the actual gemstones.


Symbols: Gem Hunter Logo (wild, 3,000 coins), Diamond (scatter), Gems Mining Cart (1,000 coins), Explorer (500 coins), Explorer Girl (400 coins), Blue Gems (400 coins), Green Gems (200 coins), Compass (100 coins) and Pickaxe (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’m not a big fan of the theme, but I do like the features it offers. The prizes are also on the high side.

The Gem Hunter slot machine is offered through the WMS platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.