Kingdom of the Titans Slots

Kingdom-of-the-TitansWMS offers us in Kingdom of the Titans a slot machine with an Ancient Greek influence, the mythology of these people being at the basis of the story. The Titans were deities of the Greeks, which descended directly from the first deities. They were followed by the Olympians, which are much better known by modern people, and which were led by Zeus. Among the Titans you could find the 12 children of Uranus and Gaia. They were incredibly powerful and giant beings, and the theme that is based on them has the same look as other slots that are based on Ancient Greece.

On the game’s 5 reels you will discover 30 bet lines. The game’s features are going to provide you with free spins, wild symbols and scatters. As for the big prize, at $2,500 it could hardly be called impressive.

Features of Kingdom of the Titans

Mount Othrys is visible in the scatter symbol, the home of the Titans, while the wild symbol shows off the game’s logo. With enough of the former symbols, free spins may be triggered in the slot.

The wild doesn’t complicate the game too much, and that’s unfortunate since it’s a very valuable ally to have in other titles. Here, the wild doesn’t give away prizes and it can only substitute from the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. There are a few too many limitations placed on it unfortunately, but you will still notice from time to time that it can improve the rate at which you get paid.

The other symbol, which shows Mount Othrys, the place where the Titans lived, acts as any other scatter would, with the difference that the game uses a lot more icons of this type than it’s the case in other slot machines. Instead of getting only one scatter on each reel, here you can get even all the positions of the game occupied by scatters, with up to 15 appearing.

Free Games Feature

The slot’s free spins need for you to land a minimum of five scatters on the reels. You are given 8 free spins if 5 to 7 icons with Mount Othrys are present. With 8 or 9, the number goes up to 10 free spins. Get 10 of those icons, and the reward is at 25 free spins. Finally, if you get 11 or more scatters you receive 50 free spins.


You also get a bit of a second chance to start the free spins, if you happen to land three or four scatters. They will be held in place and pay you 1x the bet, after which you get a second chance at landing the rest of the scatters for the free spins.

Betting options and jackpots

Coins get values between $0.01 and $5 here, and you decide where in that range they will fall. Since 30 lines are always active, the betting range is between $0.30 and $150.

The slot’s top prize gives you 500 coins, which is rather average even for WMS, and whose value will go up to $2,500.

Design and symbols

All the elements of the design are inspired by the Greek mythology and the objects and weapons that their people used. A couple of symbols with people in them are also used, but it’s not clear whether we’re looking at the king and queen of the humans, or at a couple of Titans. The design style looks just like it does in many other titles created around the Greek culture.


Symbols: Game Logo (wild), Mount Othrys (scatter), King (500 coins), Queen (500 coins), Shield and Sword (250 coins), Helmet (200 coins), Armor (150 coins), Silver Coin (100 coins), Amphora (75 coins), Harp (60 coins) and Laurels (50 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The mythology angle is not new, but I enjoyed this game and its focus on the Titans, as opposed to the slots which simply go with the easy choice and cover Zeus and the other gods.

This Kingdom of the Titans slot is offered by all online casinos with WMS software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.