Star Trek Episode 2 – Explore New Worlds Slots

Star-Trek-Episode-2-Explore-New-WorldsExplore New Worlds is the second episode in the Star Trek series of slot machines which were released by WMS. The way to get to the second episode is by completing the first one, gathering enough medals from the bonus games that you can get to the new stage. The game is built under official license, sports images of the actors which played in the original Star Trek series, and among its symbols you will discover Spock and Captain Kirk, to name just the two most popular ones.

Just like the other Star Trek slots from WMS, it has 25 paylines, it offers Win Warp features, bonus games, scatters and wilds. The big prize mentioned inside is at 1,500 coins/$4,500.

Features of Star Trek Episode 2 – Explore New Worlds

The features start the same way, with the wild symbol and the scatter, but you get a different feature, which here is called Beam Me Up.

Just like before, the Star Trek Logo is the one which acts as the wild element in Explore New Worlds. The symbol is useful because if it lands in the right place you can get a combination formed that otherwise wouldn’t have brought you anything. It doesn’t always land where it’s needed though, so you don’t have a guaranteed win just because a wild makes an appearance. Wilds are also incapable of helping out when scatters are involved.

The Feature symbol is a scatter which has some sort of explosion going on behind it. As a scatter, you will get its rewards if you have enough of them in random positions on the reels. Get four, and you win 5x the total bet. With five, the reward is at 50x the bet.

Beam Me Up

To trigger the bonus game, a minimum of three Feature symbols need to be on the five reels, in whatever positions they happen to land in. You get a medal which you collect when this happens, and which helps you advance in rank and get closer to the third episode in the series.


The game asks you to shoot at various aliens with your phaser, and each one you hit gets you a prize.

Win Warp

This feature requires that you use an additional bet, of 10 coins, to get it triggered. It starts at random and gives you one of four potential features.

One of them is the Rock Creature, a multiplying wild. The creature made out of rock appears, and when it leaves a wild will be left behind, which if it helps will multiply the prize by 3x to 10x. If Scotty is the one that appears, you can get 1-2 wild reels from him. Spock gives you a multiplier of 3x to 10x, for any wins obtained during that round. Finally, we have the starship Enterprise, which does a fly-by and turns random symbols into the same higher paying one.

Betting options and jackpots

You have to use 25 coins for the 25 bet lines and an extra 10 coins to get Win Warp active. In total, there are 35 coins to work with, which can have a maximum value of $105.

Get the right symbols to form a combo, and your reward will be 1,500 coins, or up to $4,500. Obviously, it can get much higher with help from the Win Warp features, which come with multipliers as high as 10x.

Design and symbols

The design hasn’t changed much from the first level of the series, but it does offer a few different symbols inside, which is normal since it’s a different story. The main characters and the Star Trek themed objects remain the same though. Since it’s created with an official license, you see the photos of the actors among the symbols.


Symbols: Star Trek Logo (wild), Feature Explosion (scatter, 50x the total wager), Badges (1,500 coins), Captain Kirk (1,000 coins), Spock (500 coins), Scotty (400 coins), Blue Alien (250 coins), Enterprise (200 coins), Medical Tricorder (125 coins), Communication Device (100 coins) and Phaser Pistol (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s just as fun as the other slots from the series, and I recommend you to try it along with the others, so you go through all the missions.

This Star Trek Episode 2 – Explore New Worlds slot is offered by all online casinos with WMS software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.